Importance of Using a Branding Kit

Consider this: When you see the distinctive cursive logo of Coca-Cola, what immediately comes to mind? You probably visualize the iconic contour bottle filled with a dark fizzy beverage with the unmistakably sweet flavor that has been thrilling the world since the late 19th century. However, there may also be some other things that come to mind.

Maybe it reminds you of how necessary it is in your life. Maybe it reminds you of hanging out with your friends on a warm summer day or opening a bottle with your family over dinner.

Like most other successful brands, Coca-Cola’s logo is iconic and instantly recognizable. The company has intentionally crafted its brand identity over time in such a way that even the sight of its logo makes you envision the whole story of Coca-Cola even when the actual product is nowhere in sight. In the case of Coca-Cola, the logo really does say it all.

Professional Business Branding Builds Credibility

As a financial advisor, you may have heard of branding kits but may not have a very clear idea of what they are. In simple terms, a branding kit is a collection of your company’s digital branding elements (logo, business card, letterhead, envelope and presentation folder) that form the basis of your consistent marketing materials . A business branding kit is all about building a solid, unshakeable brand identity in the minds of your clients. Having a comprehensive, well-thought-out branding kit is one of the most important investments you can make for your business — and what branding element is more important than the logo.

For successful brands, their logo becomes the face of their business. Just think about McDonald’s, Nike, Disney, Apple, Google, or any of the dozens of highly recognizable businesses that have their logo inexorably tied to their business.
Hence, it entails the use of consistent elements, including the logo, colour palette, typography, and other visual attributes. With a unique logo, financial advisors can get higher visibility, better recognition, improved brand recall, and a basis for cementing their business identity. It establishes your brand, boosts your professional image, and impresses your clients.

Achieve Better First Impressions

A quality branding kit ensures your financial advisor website, e-newsletter and all other marketing collateral clearly presents a unified and unique professional image. If prospective clients visit your website and sees only a generic-looking website or a website without a high quality logo you may have lost an opportunity to tell them more about your services.

A unique brand logo, letterhead, business card, envelope design and other visual branding elements will more accurately represent the hiqh quality services provided by your company. Moreover, it will demonstrate that you have put thought and effort into your marketing strategy and give people the impression that you have a solid plan for success. Hence, a branding kit helps create credibility and trust among your clients.

Make Your Marketing Easier

A major benefit of a branding kit is that it makes your business easier to remember. Your logo, typography, and colours are the first things that people associate with your brand as they are the elements that stick in your mind.

It can be pretty challenging to make people feel emotional about a financial advisor brand. With a unique brand name, logo, letterhead, business card, and envelope design that hint at your business message, your clients can get a better sense of your company’s opportunities and objectives.

A professional branding kit is also effective in grabbing people’s attention and making them more receptive to what you have to say. Hence, you should add your branding elements to all your marketing materials so that people will immediately think about the company behind the visual elements. Remember to be consistent with your visual identity and messaging in order to prevent ambiguity and to more easily build brand recognition.

The most recognizable companies have a logo and a brand that sticks in the mind of their customers. At AdvisorNet, we can help create a personalized, one-of-a-kind branding kit for you so that you can establish your brand and gain more credibility in your marketplace. Contact our office for more details..