Birthday E-Card Service - FREE

Show your clients you care

Think about the simple joy you can bring by remembering to tell someone "Happy Birthday !" on their special day!

Imagine the goodwill you can build by doing this automatically for ALL your clients - EVERY year.

The AdvisorNet Email Marketer system includes the ability to automatically send out Birthday E-cards!

(See samples below.)

Read what Financial Advisors are saying about using Birthday E-Cards...
"So far, the birthday e-cards seem to be making an impact! We've had a few clients email "thank you" in response to receiving their birthday cards. It seems to be a pleasant surprise for clients and we're enjoying the new service." David S. ( Ontario )
"I have been meaning to send an email to let you know I have received a few "thank you"' from the cards. This is exactly what I was hoping for." Lance G. ( Alberta )

FREE SERVICE for ALL Email Marketer Users

To activate this free service follow the 3 simple steps outlined below:


Contact our office to get the Birthday E-Card service activated for your account.


The AdvisorNet Support Team will send you a copy of your e-newsletter list containing new columns for adding D.O.B. data for your clients. Simply add the D.O.B. & Salutation information for each contact that should receive a Birthday E-Card.


Once your revised email newsletter list is ready, send your revised list to the AdvisorNet Support Team. We will check over the data for accuracy and then activate the Birthday E-Card service for your Account.

Once the Birthday E-Card service is activated all of your clients with DOB information will automatically receive a photo e-card (like the samples below) on the morning of their birthday.

Birthday E-card (Female-Theme) - Current Year

The Female Birthday e-card message looks like the sample below:

Hello Sally,

Birthday E-Card (Female Theme)

Best regards,

Susan Smith
ABC Financial Services

Birthday E-card (Male-Theme) - Current Year

The Male Birthday e-card message looks like the sample below:

Hello Bob,

Birthday E-Card (Male Theme)

Best regards,

Susan Smith
ABC Financial Services

SPECIAL NOTE about message customizations

Your clients will always know where their birthday E-card came from. With each birthday E-card the message subject line says:

Happy Birthday from ( Your Name Here )

Birthday e-cards contain original nature images. A few samples are provided below for your review.

NOTE: Birthday Card images are automatically changed EVERY January 1st for the upcoming year.