Microsoft 365 Outlook Users Tips

Advantages Of Using Microsoft 365 For Financial Advisors
One of the major challenges that many financial advisors face is not having access to accurate and complete real-time information about their clients and the potential opportunities associated with them. Without complete visibility into key information, it can be difficult for financial advisors to provide their investors with personalized and timely support.

Microsoft 365 offers financial planners, insurance advisors, estate planners, and all other financial advisors the ability to work anywhere and exchange information in real-time seamlessly on multiple devices, making it easier to improve client experience.

In addition to the basic suite of Office applications, Microsoft 365 also includes various online services, including email, calendars, instant messaging, cloud storage, online conferencing, and online scheduling. Most financial advisors are already using many of these services, but with Microsoft 365, you could enjoy an increase in efficiency and significant cost savings.

Increase Productivity through Outlook Email Client

Microsoft Outlook is an extremely intuitive and easy-to-navigate business-class mail client, which has all its features and tools organized in clear categories. You can organize contacts, emails, and tasks efficiently, which increases productivity. It also comes with a built-in search bar to help users find emails in a single or all folders quickly and easily. This makes it easy to navigate clients and complete mailing tasks in a faster way.

The Outlook client can also be personalized by advisors to suit their needs. You can set up the email client to include many different email accounts and set up various mail handling rules to automatically file incoming messages for long term storage. A major advantage of using Outlook is its ability to flag critical emails. By using an automated rule every email from business partners and/or other VIP individuals can be automated flagged to stand out in your inbox.

Moreover, Microsoft 365 Outlook uses highly secure servers to protect against malicious cyberattacks, spam, phishing, and malware attempts that can waste time and energy. And because your mailbox can be automatically synced to numerous devices ( PC, laptop, smartphone ) you will always have all your critical information instantly available.

Improve Scheduling Through Shared Outlook Calendars

Since financial advisors have busy schedules, they may sometimes forget important tasks, which can lead to a disappointed clients and decreased business revenues. Microsoft 365 includes a calendar that allow financial advisors to easily schedule meetings and customize various appointment details to help them manage everything as efficiently as possible.

One of the powerful features of the Microsoft 365 Outlook Calendar is the ability to share your calendar with other team members to easily schedule and track meeting times, get reminders for important events, and respond to meeting invitations, anytime, anywhere.

Easily Manage Your Outlook Tasks

With Microsoft Outlook 365, you can access, update, and share tasks to streamline your processes. You can view your Outlook tasks across multiple lists, no matter what apps or devices you are using. With the help of the Tasks app in Microsoft Teams, financial advisors can view their tasks and shared plans across the Microsoft Planner and To Do. In addition, you can target, publish, and keep track of your tasks in one place across the workforce.'

Financial advisors can sync tasks seamlessly, create content-rich tasks, add an email as a task, drag and drop tasks to the Outlook calendar, view visual task status reports, flag messages as tasks, collaborate on shared Office documents, and mark tasks as complete. By creating and sharing tasks, advisors can collect, prioritize, and achieve more objectives.

If you are not already using Microsoft 365 Outlook for managing your business communications, we recommend that you start today. With its host of features that offer more control and security over data, you can increase your business’s efficiency and productivity. Reach out to AdvisorNet today.. to learn more about Microsoft 365.